About Me

My name is Tiffany and I'm a stay at home mom of my precious baby boy Cameron!  I am from Rincon, GA but moved to Charleston, SC to be with my husband, after we got married in June of 2011, in Florida on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.  He is currently working like crazy to take care of his three children, Tony, Lindsey and Cameron and of course me too.  He's the best guy a girl could ask for!  
My couponing story:
After Shawn and I got married I was still living in Rincon and working in Savannah.  Living the life of a single mother was hard, even with the help of my wonderful parents. It was still tough to go to work everyday and come to Charleston on the weekends.  So finally about a month after being married I quit my job and moved to South Carolina. After I was here for about a month I realized that our money was slowing diminishing since we went from two incomes to one.  I looked and looked and looked for a job here, and no one was looking for my work, so I decided that it was time to try out this coupon thing... Well when I got my first taste of a FREE item I was hooked!!  I started with an envelope of coupons which then became a small binder, which has now become a dual binder and a website! I have always loved shopping, but now I just save money and it makes shopping even more fun!!
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